X-ray is a high frequency, high energy wave form. It cannot be seen with the naked eye but can be picked up by photographic film.  X-rays use beams of high frequency energy to create images of internal organs and bones.

What to expect


You need a referral from your health professional to be able to book appointment for this scan.

There is no specific preparation prior to undergoing an X-ray scan.

Mercy Radiology offers a walk-in service for general X-ray.  An appointment is required only for immigration related X-ray requests.  In both cases, you need to have a referral from your doctor to be able to proceed for a scan.


In general, you undress whatever part of your body needs examination.  You may be asked to wear a gown during the exam, depending on which area is being X-rayed.  You may also be asked to remove jewelery, eyeglasses, and any metal objects that can show up on the X-ray.

Once you are fully prepared, your X-ray technician will tell you how to position your body to create clear images.  The machine sends a beam of radiation through your body.

It is important to stay still while the images are being taken.  This will provide the clearest images possible.


After the examination, you are able to resume your normal activities. 

Results of your scan will be sent to your doctor as soon as possible. You can request a copy of your results as well.


‚ÄčThe health risk from exposure to medical radiation is generally outweighed by the vast health benefit to the patient.  X-ray examinations are not endorsed if you are pregnant.



Can I get a copy of my report?

Absolutely, we can email this to you. You can email us at reports@radiology.co.nz to request this or just ask at the reception desk when you have your scan.

How safe are X-Rays?

Radiation doses provided by diagnostic radiology are usually very small. This risk must be balanced against the benefits for each patient. These benefits can include finding potentially serious diseases, like cancer, at an early stage when they can be cured or controlled, or diagnosis of medical problems that if left untreated could cause serious illness or disease. Diagnostic tests can also show there are no potentially serious causes of a symptom, which can give reassurance. Every X-Ray should be assessed in terms of its expected benefits to the patient.

Do you charge for ACC x-ray requests?

There is no surcharge on x-rays going funded by ACC with Mercy Radiology. If ACC have accepted your claim by the time our accounts department recover payment, there will be no invoice sent out to you.

Do you have to book for an x-ray?

All branches offer this service on a walk-in basis. We understand you may be coming in to have this done during your lunch break or you have scheduled appointments around having this done, if so, book online to secure an appointment. Click here to view our branch opening hours.


Types Standard Price ACC
Abdomen/Pelvis $140-$180 No charge (excludes referrals for non-medical, visa and employment purposes)
Chest $140 - $180 No Charge
Head/Neck $130 - $195 No Charge
Immigration $140 - $180 Not Available
Limbs $135 - $190 per limb No Charge
Spine $140 - $235 per spinal region No Charge

Prices are estimates only and are subject to change at any time. For further information, please email the request form to us for evaluation.