Combined Heart and Lung screening (low dose CT scan)

Two screens in one scan

Criteria for Screening: Patients 50+ or smokers/former smokers

Heart Disease
More than 165,000 New Zealand adults have heart disease. Every 90 minutes a New Zealander dies from heart disease. Many of these deaths are premature (the person dies too early) and could be prevented.

Lung disease
Every year in New Zealand, more people die of lung cancer, than of breast cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma combined.
Lung cancer is New Zealand’s biggest cancer killer with more than 1600 New Zealander's dying from lung cancer every year. Everyday 5 New Zealander's die of lung cancer and another 6 are diagnosed with lung cancer.

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Assess your risk factors for heart and lung disease

Find out if a heart and lung disease screen is appropriate for you.
This screening uses low-dose computed tomography (also called a low-dose CT scan). The scan only takes a few minutes and is not painful.
During the scan, you lie on a bed and an X-ray machine uses a low dose (amount) of radiation to take detailed images of your lungs and heart. These images are then reviewed by a Specialist Radiologist to identify signs of lung or heart disease.
The CT radiographer who is trained in the use of X-ray equipment and CT scanning, will position you on the bed and take care of you throughout the scan. 
After the scan, you are able to resume your normal activities.
You will be notified of your results as soon as possible (usually between 2 – 5 working days). If there is anything that requires further investigation you will be contacted by one of our friendly Heart or Lung Specialists and given the option to arrange a consultation and fast track intervention if required. Otherwise, if there are no concerns, you will be sent a copy of your results and some information about how to keep healthy!

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